AFFILIATED TO CBSE, NEW DELHI (Affiliation Number - 830619)
Celebrating 10 years. A decade is only the beginning. The best is yet to come.100% results since 2018.
Sneak Peak of Achiever’s Journey
  • The school launch
  • Christmas Carnival
  • Sand play
  • Outdoor play
  • Computer Lab
  • House Installation
  • Activity room
  • Fruit orchard
  • Indoor play area
  • Commencement of Inter-house activities
  • Child friendly Library
  • Music, dance and karate rooms
  • Infirmary
  • Katha Kona
  • Mom and Me
  • Braincafe
  • Football and Cricket courts
  • Reading programme
  • Inter-school sports competition
  • Tennis court and Basketball court
  • Know your Author
  • Olympiads
  • Makkala Habba
  • CCTV enabled campus
  • Jungle Jamboree
  • World of Science exhibition
  • Resource room
  • Club based learning
  • Achievers Times
  • Math Magic – Math exhibition
  • Math Buddy (Math Lab)
  • Lodestar (Career counselling)
  • First grade 10 batch
  • North Star (GPS – system for buses)
  • Lit-o-Light – A literary fest
  • Articulture (art exhibition)
  • Green Grass Galleria (amphitheater)
  • Camps and Trails
  • Achievers Online
  • Virtual Annual Day
  • Elsa Learning Kit (Hands on with online support)
  • Online (Lifeskills programme)
  • Enhanced Fire Safety
  • Oorja ‘21(online performance space)
  • Aurora ’21
  • Virtual Library
  • Participation in virtual interschool competition
  • Introducing Gyan Ankur (outdoor Science Park)
  • Achievers food court


Our identity reflects our core belief. The graphic is a combination of our initials and a nib, which is the eternal symbol of education, knowledge and excellence.



Our philosophy 'aspire, accomplish' accompanies the graphic. It stems from our pursuit of excellence that we wish to inspire. The true measure of success,



We understand that students have different learning styles and different intelligences. Children learn in myriad ways and demonstrate intelligences


Welcome to Achiever's Academy

Achiever's Academy is a learning environment which believes in holistic learning. Encouraging curiosity, independence, confidence, imbibing leadership qualities, decision-making, generosity, honesty and integrity, at Achiever's Academy this is a regular day ! Incoporating traditional philosophies with modern day amenities and scientific thinking, Achiever's Academy's result - oriented curriculum brings out the best in every child. While the 3Rs might suffice to stay in today's competition, true success comes from love for learning. Excellence then becomes not just a measure on the grade system, but a voluntary pursuit. And it is this pursuit that Achiever's Academy wishes to inspire. Afterall, the true measure of success is when a child feels complete and capable of aspiring and accomplishing.

Mandatory Public Disclosure    

To effect a positive change and create world citizens who are all achievers.

To provide opportunities for children and facilitate their true learning.

Music & Dance Room
Science Labs
Art & Craft Room
Large Outdoor Play Area
Toddler’s Play Area
Interactive Library
Math / Abacus Room
CCTV & GPS Enabled Buses
Resource Room
Language Labs
Sick Bay
Creative Courtyard
Assembly Covered Area For 500
Day Care


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