Krishnaraju Education Trust has been synonymous with quality, dedication and commitment in the field of education and the trustees aim to inspire and create achievers who will be better citizens of the world.

K Bhaskar Raju - Chairman

H V Nagaraj - Vice Chairman

B Ashwini - Secretary cum Treasurer

H V Anupama - Trustee

Head Mistress


"The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony in all existence." – Rabindranath Tagore
Learning is a three way partnership between students, teachers and parents. At Achiever’s the teachers consider themselves as lifelong learners and as facilitators in the child’s learning process. The role of a teacher is that of a guide who nudges and encourages the child along as he /she learns at a pace that he is comfortable with. Rather than the pressure of formal exams which test only rote learning, regular class assessments are carried out which encourage daily study habits and comprehensive learning. It also helps the parent understand the child’s areas of strength and improvement in a timely fashion. We want our children to be thinkers and innovators rather than only walk down the beaten path. We believe that learning how to learn is more important than memorising a few facts that today can be acquired at the touch of a keypad. The methodology we use for this is by creating project based and practical learning scenarios which encourage them to take charge work independently and imbibe the essential qualities of self discipline, decision making, team work and respect for each other, all of which cannot be taught through only textbooks. We strive to create a challenging and meaningful environment rich in academics, sports, art and music which will act as a catalyst for the young curious minds and help them discover the real joy of learning and becoming achievers in the true sense.