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Our identity reflects our core belief. The graphic is a combination of our initials and a nib, which is the eternal symbol of education, knowledge and excellence.

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Our philosophy 'aspire, accomplish' accompanies the graphic. It stems from our pursuit of excellence that we wish to inspire. The true measure of success,

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We understand that students have different learning styles and different intelligences. Children learn in myriad ways and demonstrate intelligences

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Welcome to
Achiever's Academy

Achiever's Academy is a learning environment which believes in holistic learning. Encouraging curiosity, independence, confidence, imbibing leadership qualities, decision-making, generosity, honesty and integrity, at Achiever's Academy this is a regular day ! Incoporating traditional philosophies with modern day amenities and scientific thinking, Achiever's Academy's result - oriented curriculum brings out the best in every child. While the 3Rs might suffice to stay in today's competition, true success comes from love for learning. Excellence then becomes not just a measure on the grade system, but a voluntary pursuit. And it is this pursuit that Achiever's Academy wishes to inspire. Afterall, the true measure of success is when a child feels complete and capable of aspiring and accomplishing.

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Instead of Giving Myself reasons why "I cant" I give myself reasons why "I can"

Imagine with your mind Believe with all your Heart Achieve with all your Might

Aspire to Achieve your Greatest Ambitions and Dreams - Think Big

Shoot for your Goals

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